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Problem Set 6 MCB 104 – Section 105/106 Things to know for Quiz II 1. C. elegans genetics (hermaphrodites vs. males; cross‐progeny vs. self‐progeny) 2. Cells and signaling pathways underlying vulva development 3. Characterizing a mutation (see below) a. Dominant vs. recessive b. Type of allele (loss of function, dominant negative, etc.) c. Allele series d. Penetrance vs. expressivity 4. Biological pathway analysis using genetics a. Auxotroph experiments (arg‐) b. Complementation to identify mutations in same gene c. Epistasis to determine the order i. Epistasis in yeast/neurospora ii. Epistasis in mendelian genetics iii. Epistasis in signaling pathways (NOT INCLUDED IN QUIZ) Characterizing a mutation m = mutant allele of interest + = wild‐type allele null or Df = complete loss of function lf = recessive loss of function First analyze the heterozygote to determine if mutation is dominant or recessive, then compare to other mutants to further characterize the type of mutation. 1. +/m = mutant phenotype dominant a. +/m = dead dominant lethal b. +/m = lf/lf dominant negative c. +/m = +/null haploinsufficient d. else gain of function 2. +/m = wild‐type phenotype recessive a. m/m = dead recessive lethal b. m/m = Df/Df null mutation c. else weak loss of function allele 3. +/m = intermediate phenotype incompletely dominant
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Mendelian Genetics & Gene Interactions Analyzing the ratio of phenotypes in the F2 generation in a cross between two mutants can give you information about the underlying genes and alleles. The results can be interpreted
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Jakob_PS6 - ProblemSet6 MCB104Section105/106 1...

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