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Name: Organelle Genetics/Maternal Affect 1. Please fill out the empty cells in the following table of crosses using an organism whose genetics resemble that of a human. The P generation in the first 4 rows can be considered true breeding or homozygous for the trait. Some cells have multiple possibilities, try to write them all down. Male Parent Female Parent Offspring Phenotype Inheritance Pattern? 1 Mutant Wild Type Mutant Mendelian dominant 2 Mutant Wild Type Wild Type Mendelian recessive or maternal inheritance or effecct 3 Wild Type Mutant Mutant Mendelian dominant or maternal inheritance or effect 4 Wild Type Mutant Wild Type Mendelian recessive
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Unformatted text preview: 5 #1 offspring #1 offspring 3 wild type: 1 mutant (still mendel dom) 6 #2 offspring #2 offspring 3 wild type:1 mutant Mendelian recessive 7 #2 offspring #2 offspring Mutant Maternal affect (dominant) 8 #2 offspring #2 offspring Wild Type Maternal inheritance or maternal effect (recessive) 9 #3 offspring #3 offspring 3 mutant: 1 wt Mendelian dom 10 #3 offspring #3 offspring Mutant Maternal inheritance or maternal affect (dominant) 11 #3 male parent #10 offspring Mutant Maternal inheritance 12 #3 male parent #10 offspring 3/4 give all mutant, 1/4 give all wt Maternal affect (dominant)...
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