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3/8/2010 MCB 104; Handout #6 1. You have a mixture of Neruospora , some of which are auxotrophs and some of which are prototrophs. How can you quickly isolate the prototrophs? How could you identify the auxotrophs? 2. You are studying a haploid organism that lives in a vending machine. In this organism, you are analyzing the biosynthetic pathway that produces a “nutrient” called “cheez.” You isolate five distinct mutants (chz-1, chz-2, chz-3, chz-4, and chz-5), none of which is able to grown in the absence of cheez. You discover that some of the chz mutants are able to grow in cheez free media if you back certain other nutrients: (+ = growth, - = no growth): Media chz-1 - chz-2 - chz-3 - chz-4 - chz-5 - minimal - - - - - minimal + cheez + + + + + minimal + yellow #5 - - - - - minimal + orange stuff + - + + - minimal + viscous stuff - - + - - minimal + salty stuff + - + + + minimal + oily stuff + - + - - A. Why is it easier to do your mutagenesis in haploid organisms? What is the order of intermediates in the biosynthetic pathway? Which chz enzyme mediates each step? B. You make a chz-4; chz-1 double mutant, and grow it on minimal media + yellow #5. What intermediate compound will accumulate? Which gene is epistatic to which other gene? C.
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Scott_Handout6 - MCB 104 Handout#6 1 You have a mixture of...

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