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MCB 104 Sections 109 & 110 Section 109 Wed 11-12pm 156 Dwinelle Section 110 Wed 12-1pm 215 Dwinelle GSI: Scott Siera Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tue, 10-11am at Cafe Strada (@ corner of Bancroft & College) Grading : Three (3) quizzes, 25 pts each, on 2/10; 3/17; and 4/21. o You must take this quiz in the section that you are officially enrolled in. o No make-ups. One quiz may be dropped for a legitimate excused absence only (e.g. illness with doctor’s note). Ten (10) 1.5 pt quizzes during each week in which there is not a 25 point quiz o Quizzes are will be given at the beginning of section, and will not take more than 5 minutes. o You must take this quiz in the section that you are officially enrolled in. o No make-ups. Period. o Don’t stress over these 1.5 point quizzes.
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Unformatted text preview: I won’t grill you with unbearably difficult questions. The main purpose of these quizzes is to ask: (a) are you present in section, and (b) are you keeping up with the reading? • 3*(25 point quizzes) + 10*(1.5 quizzes) = 90 points possible in section. • The total number of possible points in the class are 600 points from exams + 90 points from section quizzes = 690. Preparation for section : • Keep up with the assigned readings for the class. • Each week (beginning with week 2), no later than Monday afternoon, I will email out a set of review questions. The questions will also be posted on bspace: MCB104 b Resources b o Work through the review problems before section. o Be prepared to help me explain the review problems in section....
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