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03_RGCs Questions

03_RGCs Questions - MCB167 ,Feb19 Reading...

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MCB 167 Discussion assignment for Friday, Feb 19 Direction Selectivity in Mammalian Retina Reading : Yoshida K, Watanabe D, Ishikane H, Tachibana M, Pastan I, Nakanishi S. A key role of starburst amacrine cells in originating retinal directional selectivity and optokinetic eye movement. Neuron. 2001 Jun;30(3):771 80. Reading guide. Please read the entire paper. You should already be familiar with ON OFF direction selective ganglion cells from lecture. If you want more background on the properties of these cells, read Barlow HB & Levick WR, J. Physiol. 178: 477 504, 1965. An important fact guiding the experiment design is that all retinal ganglion cells that show combined ON OFF responses are direction selective. Another important fact is that starburst amacrine cells receive glutamatergic input from bipolar cells, and provide the major source of GABAergic input, and the sole source of cholinergic (ACh) input, to retinal ganglion
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