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05_Sound Localization Learning Questions

05_Sound Localization Learning Questions - MCB!167...

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MCB 167 Discussion assignment for Friday, March 5 Mechanisms for learning of sound location in barn owls Reading : Linkenhoker BA, von der Ohe CG, Knudsen EI. Anatomical traces of juvenile learning in the auditory system of adult barn owls. Nature Neuroscience 8: 93 " 98, 2004. Reading guide. Prism spectacles that shift the visual world in azimuth cause owls to learn a new ITD map. This learning is usually restricted to a critical period (<200 days of age), with adults showing very little or no learning. However, when owls wear prisms as juveniles and learned a new ITD map, but then the prisms are removed and the normal ITD map is restored, these owls can later rapidly reaquire the learned map when prisms are put back on as adults. Thus, early learning can enable adult plasticity. This paper investigates what neurobiological trace of early learning is left in the owl brain to enable adult reaquisition of the learned ITD map.
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