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Discussion 7: Treatment of Parkinson's with L-DOPA MCB 167 Spring 2010. For Discussion Section Mar 19. Reading Yahr et al (1969) Treatment of Parkinsonism With Levodopa. Arch Neurol 29: 343-354. Overview This classic paper examines the effect of L-DOPA administration on patients with Parkinson's disease. Read all sections of text and examine the figures. Note how the authors compare their work with earlier studies. Questions Please answer the following questions in 1 paragraph each. Bring your written answers to section.
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Unformatted text preview: We will use them as the basis of discussion, and you will turn them in at the end of section. Q1. What was the short-term effect (timescale of days) of L-DOPA administration? What was the long-term effect? Can you speculate as to what mechanisms underlie these two timescales? Q2. The authors discuss at length why their results differed from previous work with L-DOPA and with other drugs. In their view, which aspects of their experimental methodology explain these differences?...
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