2010WIN-UCONJ445A_ Course Philosophy and Progression

2010WIN-UCONJ445A_ Course Philosophy and Progression -...

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Unformatted text preview: Course Philosophy and Progression The modular design of UCONJ 445 is theoretically based on Vanderbilt’s AMIGO project. This project is exploring how to use knowledge about how we learn in order to design web-based learning environments. AMIGO is an acronym; the AMI stand for “Anchored Modular Inquiry.” This implies that the instruction is inquiry-based and anchored around “ challenges ” 1 ; each challenge and its’ subsequent resources are presented as modules. The GO stand for: “generate ownership, originality and organizational learning.” Ownership refers to the ability to adapt the modules to one’s own needs; originality refers to the ability to create new, specific challenges and resources, and organizational learning refers to the ability to learn from one’s peers by seeing how they respond to the challenges. Initially, a challenge is presented. The student responds to the “ Initial Challenge ” to the best of his/her ability. The student also has the opportunity to view how other students have responded to the initialability....
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