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disasterroles - Emergency Preparedness& Biodefense...

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Unformatted text preview: Emergency Preparedness & Biodefense Awareness for Health Professionals Awareness UCONJ 445 Winter 2008 Roles for Healthcare Professionals Potential Roles for Pharmacists Potential • Planning and Policy – Community/organizational emergency response • Surveillance and Reporting • Communication – Public – Health Care Providers • Emergency Response Emergency – Medication Distribution (and vaccines) – Clinical Management Roles of Mental Health Professionals In Disasters Professionals • Pre-event – educate and inform • Impact – Psychological first aid • Early post-event – Mental health needs Early assessment assessment • Recovery – Therapy and medication for Recovery survivors with diagnosable mental disorders (a small subset) Roles for EMT’s (and other rescue personnel) in Disasters personnel) • Impact – Pre-hospital triage, extrication, Impact treat and stabilize, decontamination, evacuate and transport evacuate • Early post-event – coordinate EMS Early activities with state and local disaster agencies; e.g. Red Cross, FEMA agencies; Roles for MEDEX Physician Assistants: Physician • • • • • • Emergency room clinician ER Triage Officer First Responder EMS Trainer and Supervisor Solo Community Clinician (rural areas) Community Health Aide Trainer and regional Community supervisor (Alaska) supervisor • Hospital system bioterrorism coordinator • CDC Trainer and Liaison • Primary care clinician (all systems) Nursing Roles in Immediate Recognition/Response Recognition/Response • Community Based Response – – – – – – – Public Health Community Health Community based Nurse Practitioner Triage Emergency Department Infection Control Senior hospital administrator/supervisor • Hospital Based Response • Other – DoD SMART-CB Team DoD – USAMRIID BSL-4 Roles for Physicians Roles • • • • • • Triage Diagnose Reportable illness/disease notification Treatment Assist in policy formulation Refugee camp(s) set-up and monitoring Roles for Public Health Roles s Preparedness Planning and Policy and Readiness Assessments Surveillance and Epidemiologic Capacity Laboratory Capacity – Biological and Chemical Communications and Information Technology / Health Alert Network Risk Communication and Health Information Dissemination Education and Training s s s s s ...
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