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14.1 Archimedes’ statement, “Give me a place to stand--and I shall move the world” implies the importance of A) an anchor to generate force against . B) tools C) gravity D) electricity E) electrons 14.2 Muscles are anchored to bones by the A) fast twitch muscles. B) slow twitch muscles C) tendons D) ligaments E) cartilage 14.3 Red blood cells are formed in the A) liver B) heart C) kidney D) bone marrow E) vena cava 14.4. Red blood cell formation in the bone marrow is stimulated by erythropoietin produced by the: A) liver. B) satellite cells. C) kidney. D) fast twitch muscles. E) slow twitch muscles. 14.5 The extracellular matrix of bones is made out of A) calcium B) phosphate C) collagen D) all of the above E) both 1 and 2 14.6 Place the following in order from smaller to bigger: A) actin, sarcomere, muscle fiber, muscle B) sarcomere, muscle fiber, muscle, actin
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C) muscle, sarcomere, muscle fiber actin D) actin, muscle fiber, sarcomere, muscle E) actin, muscle, muscle fiber, sarcomere 14.7 The energy available from ATP hydrolysis appeared smaller the energy needed for
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2_25_08_Muscle_and_bones - 14.1 Archimedes statement"Give...

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