3_7_08_transcription_and_translation - 3-7-08 Transcription...

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Unformatted text preview: 3-7-08 Transcription and Translation19.1. In the 1950s, Arthur Kornbergs artificial synthesis of DNA showed thatA) a vital force is not necessary for the synthesis of ureaB) at least this organic molecule, with the help of a template can be synthesized from scratchC) the laws of chemistry and physics is applicable to life processesD) there is no distinct boundary between the living and the lifeless E) all of the above19.2. Which of the following is NOT true? During DNA replication: A) T pairs with AB) U pairs with AC) C pairs with GD) G pairs with CE) All of the above are true19.3. DNA polymerase is different than the other enzymes we have talked about so far in that:A) it is not a proteinB) is not soluble in waterC) contains little or no carbonD) requires a template for its activityE) does not obey either the first or second law of thermodynamics19.4. Cells capable of giving rise to the whole organism areA) hyperpotentB) hypopotentC) isopotentD) totipotentE) impotent19.5. RNA is good candidate for the first original genetic apparatus because it is ______________molecule and___________ molecule. A) a long, a skinnyB) a nitrogen-containing, a phosphate containingC) an analytic, catalyticD) an information bearing, catalyticE) an organic, inorganic19.6. Because of differential transcription, the gene for____________ is transcribed in 19....
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3_7_08_transcription_and_translation - 3-7-08 Transcription...

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