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Unformatted text preview: © Copy Right: Rai University 11.236 257 M A N A G I N G P E O P L E Contents : Meaning Purpose Designing Coaching Framework The 4-step Process-”COACH” Summary Exercises LESSON 33: COACHING FOR HUMAN PERFORMANCE MS 22B -Eddie Corbin, Lecturer 2 Learning Objective this Lesson Learning Objective this Lesson By the end of this Lesson, you should be able to: & Know the importance of coaching for individuals. & Know how to design the coaching modules & Study the Coaching Process. Introduction Dear students, we have in the last lesson differentiated counsel- ing and coaching. Let us learn a little more about coaching. The reason being we always will have opportunity to help people around us- friends, colleagues at work, our younger sibling (?), our juniors! It can’t be taken casually, especially when the other person is looking up to us to guide them in the right way. Phew!! It’s a tremendous responsibility. Is there anything new about coaching? What about a four-step approach that targets common key issues at each stage? Read on. You just got a call from the vice president of human resources asking you to work with a senior manager who has been experiencing performance problems. The manager progressed up the ladder after many years on a career track as a technical spet. He’s from the “old school,” and typically uses a command-and-control approach to leadership and employee motivation. But that style is out-of-step with the new trends in your organization, which emphasize customer service, collaborative teamwork, and participative approaches to problem solving and decision-making. You’ve been asked to design and implement an individualized coaching process to help the manager understand how he is being perceived, and what impact his leadership and communication styles have on others. It is hoped that the new coaching process will result in an executive development plan that targets the critical competencies required for success in the organization. You wonder what to do first. You’d like to respond to the request and assist in a way that will benefit the manager, the people reporting to him, and others affected by his manage- ment style. It could be a win-win situation, if you can structure and deliver an appropriate intervention and if the manager can rise to the challenge and implement the plan successfully. Activity (5 minutes) As a coach of the basketball team (or any sport of your choice) of your batch what all qualities you must possess? Four steps to design coaching framework First, you have to consider how to structure the coaching intervention. When properly designed, individualized coaching can help all levels of managers identify and address their strengths and areas that need development....
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lecture-33 COACHING FOR HUMAN PERFORMANCE - © Copy Right:...

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