20 as shown in table 2 the government centric model

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Unformatted text preview: complexity of the model. Table 2 shows a comparison of the models discussed in this paper (a map of the full bilateral-trust model is presented in Figure 10 in Appendix I of this document). 20 As shown in Table 2, the government-centric model is the simplest one discussed, having 11 variables and only 1 feedback mechanism. The government-public model adds 4 more variables to the theory, thereby forming 2 additional feedback mechanisms. In this model, the construct outcomes is determined now by the interaction of 3 feedback mechanisms and not just by 1, as in the case of the government centric model. To expand our government-centric theory to a more elaborate government-public theory, we increased the number of variables used by 36% and increased the dynamic complexity captured 4 by 300%. The expanded government-public model adds 4 variables to the theory and allows for an additional threefold increase in dynamic complexity captured in the determination of the outcomes construct. In this expanded theory, 9 interacting feedback mechanisms are responsible for determining the dynamic behavior of this construct. Having more feedback mechanisms intervene in determining the behavior of a variable allows for a richer, more realistic theory of its behavior. However, it also makes it more difficult to understand the sources of the behavior and to analyze likely points of intervention to change Government-Centric Model Outcomes Bilateral Trust in Government Model Public's Judgment of the Situation Public's Action Unilateral Trust in Government Model Government's Judgment of the Situation Government's Action Government-Public Expanded Model Number of Variables in the Model Government-Public Model the behavior to a preferred alternative. 11 15 19 22 28 0 1 0 2 0 6 0 6 192 198 NA NA 1 2 3 6 15 18 171 210 1 3 9 21 201 Public's Trust in Government Public's Confidence in Government Public's Assessment of Government's Trustworthiness NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA 8 8 12 104 104 156 Government's Trust in the Public Government's Confidence in the Public Government's Assessment of Public's...
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