Pinker e j 2007 an analysis of short term responses

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Unformatted text preview: deh, M., Andersen, D., & Richardson, G. P. 2004. Using Digest to Implement the Pathway Participation Method for Detecting Influential System Structure. System Dynamics Review, 20(1): 1-20. Perelman, M. 1998. The Neglected Economics of Trust: The Bentham Paradox and Its Implications. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 57(4): 381-389. Pinker, E. J. 2007. An Analysis of Short-Term Responses to Threats of Terrorism. Management Science, 53(6): 865-880. Putnam, R. D. 1995. Bowling Alone: America's Declining Social Capital. Journal of Democracy, 6: 65-78. Rasmussen, J. 1997. Risk Management in a Dynamic Society: A Modelling Problem. Safety Science, 27(2): 183-213. Raymond, L. 2006. Cooperation without Trust: Overcoming Collective Action Barriers to Endangered Species Protection. Policy Studies Journal, 34(1): 37-57. Richardson, G. P. 1986. Dominant structure. System Dynamics Review, 2(1): 68-75. Richardson, G. P. 1995. Loop Polarity, Loop Dominance, and the Concept of Dominant Polarity (1984). System Dynamics Review, 11(1): 67-88. Richardson, G. P., & Pugh, A. L., III. 1981. Introduction to System Dynamics Modeling with DYNAMO. Cambridge MA: Productivity Press. Rousseau, D. M., Sitkin, S. B., Burt, R. S., & Camerer, C. 1998. Introduction to Special Topic Forum: Not So Different after All: A Cross-Discipline View of Trust. The Academy of Management Review, 23(3): 393-404. Ruscio, K. P. 1996. Trust, Democracy, and Public Management: A Theoretical Argument. J. Public Adm. Res. Theory, 6(3): 461-477. Seligman, A. B. 1998. Trust and Sociability: On the Limits of Confidence and Role Expectations. American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 57(4): 391-404. Siegrist, M., & Cvetkovich, G. 2000. Perception of Hazards: The Role of Social Trust and Knowledge. Risk Analysis, 20(5): 713-720. Siegrist, M., Cvetkovich, G., & Roth, C. 2000. Salient Value Similarity, Social Trust, and Risk/Benefit Perception. Risk Analysis, 20(3): 353-362. Siegrist, M., Earle, T. C., & Gutscher, H. 2003. Test of a...
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