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Unformatted text preview: 7(3): 873-886. Keele, L. 2007. Social Capital and the Dynamics of Trust in Government. American Journal of Political Science, 51(2): 241-254. King, C. S., Feltey, K. M., & Susel, B. O. N. 1998. The Question of Participation: Toward Authentic Public Participation in Public Administration. Public Administration Review, 58(4): 317-326. Klayman, J. 1984. Learning from Feedback in Probabilistic Environments. Acta Psychologica, 56: 81-92. 24 Klayman, J. 1988a. Cue Discovery in Probabilistic Environments: Uncertainty and Experimentation. Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 14(2): 317-330. Klayman, J. 1988b. On the How and Why (Not) of Learning from Outcomes. In B. Brehmer & C. R. B. Joyce (Eds.), Human Judgment: The SJT View: 115-162. Amsterdam: NortHolland. Kolb, D. A. 1984. Experiential Learning: Experience as the Source of Learning and Development. New York: Prentice-Hall. La Porte, T. R., & Metlay, D. S. 1996. Hazards and Institutional Trustworthiness: Facing a Deficit of Trust. Public Administration Review, 56(4): 341-347. Langer, G. 2002. Trust in Government. . .To Do What? Public Perspective (July/August): 7-10. Levin, D. Z., & Cross, R. 2004. The Strength of Weak Ties You Can Trust: The Mediating Role of Trust in Effective Knowledge Transfer. Management Science, 50(11): 1477-1490. Lewicki, R. J., McAllister, D. J., & Bies, R. J. 1998. Trust and Distrust: New Relationships and Realities. The Academy of Management Review, 23(3): 438-458. Lubell, M. 2007. Familiarity Breeds Trust: Collective Action in a Policy Domain. The Journal of Politics, 69(1): 237-250. Lundin, M. 2007. Explaining Cooperation: How Resource Interdependence, Goal Congruence, and Trust Affect Joint Actions in Policy Implementation. J. Public Adm. Res. Theory, 17(4): 651-672. Lyons, B., & Mehta, J. 1996. Contracts, Opportunism and Trust; Self-interest and Social Orientation. Cambridge Journal of Economics, 21: 239-257. Martinez-Moyano, I. J. 2006. Exploring the Dynamics of Collaboration in Interorganizational Settings. In S. Schuman (Ed.), Creating a Culture of Collab...
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