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A tmutilies.pdf Matlab Code Note: The program used to generate the verbatim tex file included in this document broke all Matlab lines at a fixed width and appended the symbol ‘. ..’ to the begining of the wrapping line. This was done without an attempt to break the line in any logical way. To recreate the original file, delete all the ‘. ..’ symbols and recombined all wrapping lines into one long line. It should also be noted that any text copied and pasted out of Acrobat will likely use some none-standard symbols. For example, the single quote (’) used in Acrobat will likely not be recognized by Matlab and you will need to do a search and replace. The actual Matlab files were included as hyperlinks and should be used instead of this document if they can be found. A.1 Main Matlab File Code A.1.1 tmsystem.m function varargout=tmsystem(varargin) %This function attempts to find the transfer matrix for an arbitrary %system. This function is intended to be called by fminsearch to %find the natural frequencies. To accomplish this, the first input %is omega and the additional inputs are for discribing the system. %The second input is a cell array of strings containing the transfer %matrices in the order they are to be multiplied together (i.e. %{’B’,’R’,’B’,’B’,’R’}). The third input is a cell array of the %parameters corresponding to each transfer matrix. omega=varargin{1}; mattypes=varargin{2};% a cell array of string describing the transfer ...matrix types to be used to build the system model. Acceptable valu ...es include ’B’ for beam and ’R’ for rigid mass (more to be added la ...ter). sysparams=varargin{3};% a cell array of cell arrays containing the par ...ameters for the individual transfer matrices. These should be arra ...ys of numeric constants if this function is being called by fminsea ...rch to find omega. For example, for a beam matrix the cell array s
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This note was uploaded on 04/05/2010 for the course CHEMENG 05078870 taught by Professor Mustafa during the Spring '10 term at Ege Üniversitesi.

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A_tmutilies.pdf_Matlab_Code - A tmutilies.pdf Matlab Code...

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