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MATLAB TUTORIAL SUPPLEMENT Accessing MATLAB, Working With m-files, Saving Data, etc… Windows Operating System ** Note: the terms “m-file” and “script” mean the same thing. - Accessing MATLAB: (1) Click on the Start button in the lower left portion of the screen. (2) Select Programs -> Matlab -> MATLAB from the cascading menus. The MATLAB Command Window will appear. This is the window in which you can enter commands. - To create a new MATLAB script: From the menu bar at the top of the MATLAB command window, select the following menu path: File -> New -> M-file This activates the MATLAB “M-File Editor/Debugger” program. A separate window will appear in which you can type your m-file. This is like a specialized “word processor” for writing MATLAB m- files. Note that you now have two different windows to work in: the MATLAB command window and the M-file Editor/Debugger window. - To open and edit an existing MATLAB script: (option 1) If MATLAB is not currently open, you can simply double click on the icon for the m.file that you want to open. (option 2) If MATLAB is open, go to the menu bar at the top and select the following menu path:
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MatlabTutorial_word_supplement - MATLAB TUTORIAL SUPPLEMENT...

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