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%BTT 2008 ODEV1 SORU2 %HAZiRLAYAN: 06 EM 1037 MEHMET SiNASi AKDOGAN teta1=0/(180/pi); %dereceye cevirme islemi r1=20; IR=r1*cos(teta1)+j*r1*sin(teta1); % fazor cevrimi teta2=(pi*4*11)/(180/pi); %dereceye cevirme islemi r2=154; VR=r2*cos(teta2)+j*r2*sin(teta2);% fazor cevrimi
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Unformatted text preview: c=48; %1.deger d=48/2; %2.deger alfa=4; %3.deger beta=2; %4.deger I=0:5:250 %artýs miktarý VS=IR*cosh((alfa+j*beta))*I+VR*sinh((c+j*d))*I; VST=abs(VS); title('I YE GORE VS GRAFIGI') xlabel('I') ylabel('VST') hold on grid on plot(I,VST,'-r')...
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