Investment Banking Topics

Investment Banking Topics - 4. Describe the bond markets:...

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Polytechnic Institute of NYU Prof. Chappe Investment Banking and Brokerage – FRE 6111/2051 Credit: 1.5 Fall 2009 Things to think about during the class. You should feel comfortable answering these questions by the end of class. 1. Describe the main business segments of an investment bank. What type of remuneration (revenue mix) is associated (roughly) with each? 2. What is underwriting? Briefly outline the IPO process. Make sure to describe the role of the investment banker in the IPO process. 3. What do research analysts do? What is the role of equity research? What type of conflicts of interest may arise for the research analysts? How are investment banking and equity research kept separate?
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Describe the bond markets: (1) What are the different types of issuers and corresponding bonds? (2) Describe different legal features of bonds (maturity, subordination, etc.) (3) How do credit ratings work? 5. How do M&A transactions create value? What is the investment bankers role in M&A transactions? What is structuring? 6. Outline the main distinctions between investment banks and commercial banks. You may consider things like the business model & economic role of each, how liquidity (and funding) needs are met, & regulatory matters. 7. Describe different approaches to valuation. What is the basic methodology behind each?...
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Investment Banking Topics - 4. Describe the bond markets:...

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