"The Visit"

"The Visit" - Catherine Cox Prof. Janine...

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Catherine Cox Prof. Janine Kehlenbach The Yellow Betrayal In Friederich Durrenmatts’ tragicomedy, The Visit , the opening act took place at the train station in the small European town of Güllen. The town was in a major financial crisis, having perished into bankruptcy, forcing the towns’ people to turn to punishment, greed, revenge, and moral strength to survive. With the welcoming return of an estranged citizen, Clair Zachanassian, the town was faced with a controversial decision to kill one of its most popular citizens, Alfred Ill. The transformed billionaire, once prostitute, now philanthropist Claire had returned in an attempt to “buy herself justice” after calming to have slept with Alfred and conceived a child together. Claire offered the town one billion dollars to kill Alfred. The mayor refused the offer stating “we would rather live in poverty than have blood on our hands.” “This is America, we are not savages.” After hearing about the offer the towns people began buying very expensive items “on credit” from Alfred Ill’s store soon realizing they had no way of paying for these items, causing them to rethink Claire’s offer. The town’s people, mayor, pastor, and police officer were persuaded to reconsider the kill after the head mistress informed them that they knew what they had to do to get out of the mess they had made. Through Durrenmatts’ fictional
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"The Visit" - Catherine Cox Prof. Janine...

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