History Part 2

History Part 2 - 10/8/09 Prince Klemens von Metternich...

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Unformatted text preview: 10/8/09 Prince Klemens von Metternich Liberalism Nationalism Frankfrut Assembly (or Parliament) Small Germany option (Kleindeutsch) Greater Germany option (Grossdeutsch) Otto von Bismarck Congress of Vienna, 1815 German Confederation Franz Josef (Austin Emperor) Friedrich Wilhelm (Prussian King) Read: Metternich pg. 642-647 Chapter 24 1815 Congress of Vienna; - Re-work map of Europe- Had a guiding principle restoration and legitimacy (restore the old royal houses, restore the legitimate regimes) - Didnt resurrect the holy roman empire set up German confederation instead - Prince Klemens was in control- Metternich foreign minister (not the king but more powerful in terms of making foreign policy decisions); through congress of Vienna Metternich achieved things he wanted to achieve; was a extreme conservative, dead set against the 2 major ideologies that cam out of the French Revolution liberism (pop. Sovernity, rule of law, etc..) and nationalism - COV Needs to reverse the ideologies - 1815-1848 is known as the age of Metternich (he was the pivotal figure) - Metternich tries to surpress liberalism and nationalism where ever they appear in central Europe over those 30 years; also in German universities particularly the fraternities (Metternich ban them to try and surpress national and liberalism) Feb 1848- Out break of revolution again louis falipe - Through out the German lands apparent successful revolutions; Austria Metternich is still in power, he was use to getting his way, so a revolution in a conservative country like Austria was completely unexpected by Metternich. Disturbed that it was happening in his capitol city so he panics and flees to London, England (Metternich wasnt the first to do this) - Coming to power in Vienna and Berlin were liberal forces Metternich hated so much and tried to surpress o Wanting things that were consider to be extremely radical (we see them as normal now). They wanted a constitution that spells out the rights of the people and their freedoms, secondly they want a representative government, thirdly they wanted some basic freedoms laid out, freedom of speech, assembly, fourthly they wanted a state like France, Russian, and Spain, a state that would have its own currency, identity, army, etc.. This all seemed completely unacceptable to the liberalist a state run by laws to protect its citizens....
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History Part 2 - 10/8/09 Prince Klemens von Metternich...

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