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killer joe write up

killer joe write up - Catherine Cox Workshop E.C...

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Catherine Cox Workshop E.C. Trailer-Trash With Chris Smith in financial trouble from a drug deal gone bad he proposes the idea of killing his mother for her life insurance policy that his sister Dottie is the beneficiary for. To the ugly task at hand comes Killer Joe Cooper. For this play to unfold there was no better setting than that of a Texas trailer park for which the playwright Tracy Letts choose. The trashy trail park set design was very appropriate along with characters tatty costumes to deliver this horrifically disturbing yet outrageously hilarious production. The very small production space was ever so tastelessly decorated. Furnished with a grubby lounge chair along with a tattered couch and beat up coffee table facing toward an out dated television set is what made up the “living room” of the trailer. The very small kitchenette consisted of a grungy countertop equipped with a miniature coffeepot atop an old fashion stove next to a seemingly modern white refrigerator. To complete the
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