Ethics 1000 - Aristotle Response

Ethics 1000 - Aristotle Response - sense. It is not only a...

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Aristotle Response Aristotle bases most of his book, Nicomachean Ethic’s, off of what the most important virtues of life are and how those can be achieved. The ultimate aspect of the book is how one can find happiness in their life through these virtues. Rather then speaking of what a normal person might believe happiness is, he goes deeper into each topic showing that there is more underneath the surface. One value I found to be most striking was maintaining friendship and living a life of contemplation. He speaks of how without friendship or family you are unable to achieve happiness because there is no one to share your life with. One of the main themes of Aristotle’s discussion of happiness is the importance of friendship. Aristotle feels that no man is able to attain happiness by oneself. Aristotle states “ Between friends there is no need for justice, but people who are just still need the quality of friendship; and indeed friendliness is considered to be justice in the fullest
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Unformatted text preview: sense. It is not only a necessary thing but a splendid one, in this quotation I was able to see that Aristotle values justice as a fair exchange and because of this, he sees a balanced friendship as the most basic example of human justice. I agree with Aristotles believe in that without friendship and the ties that bond humans together, happiness may never be attained. Throughout all of the Nicomachean ethics, balance is a common theme. Whether it is in the balance of virtue through the doctrine of the mean or the value of friendship and a balance of fair exchange. I believe these things still play true in modern society and are all to often overlooked. Aristotles discussion of friendship strikes true to me as it makes me realize that a fair exchange between humans is the absolute sign of a good friendship and justice. This value is something that I have enjoyed learning and I think will have a positive impact on my every day life as I strive to obtain this balance....
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Ethics 1000 - Aristotle Response - sense. It is not only a...

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