Attribution - Attribution 10:01:00 ,motivation,action...

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29/10/2009 10:01:00  prediction of cognitive perception of things attribution were seen the confidence, motivation, action reveal motivational structures Heider/Weiner What do we tribute to the success and failure when we failure we look at the elements (external factors) o because we don’t want to blame for the situation o great one’s look at the internal factors o successful (internal) to preserve the self-esteem o failure (external)  o motivate the next time of external processes                      Internal            External stable             Ability               Task Difficulty  unstable          Effort                Luck Causal - why something happened Dispositional attributions influences about a quality/trait someone may possess whch actually made  causal happen
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  • External stable             Ability, External        gratitude                anger, surprise                    luck                        astonishment, shame         Confidence            incompetence, Difficulty  unstable          Effort, Causal Dimension Scale

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Attribution - Attribution 10:01:00 ,motivation,action...

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