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drugfree world or not - have tried to eliminate and prevent...

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Kristin Jung TH 8am Drug Free World or Not? Athletes and society have dealt whether to use drugs and steroids. Both men and women have used drugs in order to enhance the performance of one’s ability to succeed in one’s sport. In recent years, famous athletes such as Barry Bonds and Rashard Lewis were convicted to using drugs and illegal enhancements. The pressure to succeed has caused many athletes to debate whether or not to use stimulants, steroids, and depressants in order to achieve great heights in the sport. Anabolic steroids are hormones to stimulate the protein produced within the body to enhance the strength, power and size of certain players. Some steroids increase the testosterones level with the body. When women use these steroids the testosterones increases dramatically causing them to show male characteristics such as voice changes and abundant of hair growth. Some athletes use these enhancements fully knowing the side effects and are willing to risk and accept the consequences of getting caught in order to excel in the sport. Regulations and officials
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Unformatted text preview: have tried to eliminate and prevent drugs occurring within the sport, but players and athletes are continuing to find ways to overcome the game. I believe those who use the steroids are cheating themselves and ruining the ethics of sports. Some believe drugs will always be part of sports and athletics. Athletes who use the drugs are given an edge over those who practice and train naturally with weight training and exercising regularly. Competitions are no longer a “friendly competition” where athletes can simply enjoy the game. They continuously endure the pressures to perform well, while drugs and enhancements allow humans to achieve levels above the natural ways of training. Society either needs to accept that there will be cheaters and athletes using drugs; or they should place these athletes in separate categories than those who train naturally giving everyone an equal chance to become elite athletes....
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