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Kristin Jung TH 8am Exercise biography Exercise and recreational sports has always been a family tradition. My father started playing basketball in middle school and has passed his knowledge of the game to my younger sister and I. Even though my height limits my ability to play within the collegiate sports, I still continue to play the game of basketball with friends and coaching younger generations. For years I have played in club teams and Asian leagues. When high school approached, I had a starting position within all four years of high school basketball. Starting and making the basketball team was difficult. When I first tried out for the team during my first year of high school the team cut me. With a little persuasion and persistence I was able to talk to the coaches convincing them to give me another chance. After my first game, I became the starting point guard and eventually the shooting guard in my later years of high school. Currently, I am not playing in any adult basketball leagues, but I still try to assist and practice with my younger sister. In the near future I
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Unformatted text preview: hope to play in the intramural games at USC in the fall or next semester. Recently, my family is switching gears to a new sport. For the past month, we attempted to learn the game of golf. Golf is a difficult sport that is becoming more popular with the younger generation with aspiring athletes such as Tiger woods and Michelle Wie. The game is difficult to learn because it is compiled with different components of golf clubs, position of the ball, posture, and swing. Golf is a mentally challenging game configuring the angles and the strength trying to get the ball in the whole. Since the time I started playing, I really enjoy the game of golf. Golf allows my family to play together for many years while basketball has limitations of running and jumping ability for an individual to play. Basketball will always be my first passion, but golf is a new adventure that I look forward in pursing....
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