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Intro to sociology aspects - Mental science make up for...

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Usain Bolt 9.58 seconds per meter 19.19 secs of the 200 meter Sprinter from Jamaica Castel Semanya- 800 meter in track in field from south America Report under gender test 3 times more of testerional than a normal female 1 page bio where you from involvement in physical activity What you do recreational attitudes Social psychology- society culture, different aspects Performance and enjoyment The more you understand yourself – you’ll be better in how you perform The way you are Americans have a narrow view “World Champions” Overwhelming view large ideas thinking about the rest of the world People from other countries perform better How fast, strength,- physical aspects
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Unformatted text preview: Mental science make up for psychological skills to improve 1968 Mexico City, American Athletes Tommie smith and John Conlos- support of the movement 1 st and 3 rd on the podemum Raised on their fists with black glove- making a statement against racism Took out of the medals and sent home- to make a statement in the us 1984 John conlos- brought back to the committee at the Los Angeles Coliseum- 1972 Munich (Germany) real athletes were taken and murdered Isralian athletes (Black September) Terrorists demand to be free from jail whent into the Olympic villiage and held of hostage Political events tied into the Olympics Sports have a huge power on the world...
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