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Kristin Jung TH 8am It Isn’t Just A Game The Article of It Isn’t Just a Game describes how sports contain a deeper meaning of family, love, and excitement. Basketball and other sports have always been part of my life and I plan to show my children the love and devotion for the sports is something all around us. Sports are in constant conversation, whether it be professional or collegiate sports. In family gatherings, parents and children are able to competitively speak to one another and bring the family closer as one unit. Thanksgiving, my family and I gather at my aunt’s house and we have a family rivalry between USC and UCLA football. For years my uncle would play tapes showing the UCLA football team winning against USC, but now the tables have turned and my father is able to gloat about the recent victories. My father and uncle are in constant rivalry to show who belongs to the better school, but in the end it gives them a chance to discuss something they share and love. Sports allow families to become closer and be able to share a common interest. Games also allow
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