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olympic games contd - 1980 Moscow Russia invades Afganistan...

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1980 Moscow- Russia invades Afganistan. Jimmy Carter disgusted with the invasion and he said we would boycott the games and ruin them. He persuaded a number of nations to not go to the games. The US paid many countries so they would go to the games. 1984 Los Angeles- The USC campus became the university village. Russia said they wouldn’t come and they wouldn’t allow the surrounding countries either. Russia was still in Afganistan. The US went to the priminister to Russia and pleaded them to come of the US games. Soccer played in 4 locations all across the state. 1988 Scoul- 5 gold precursor of Phelps. Christian Otto (germany). Winning of the 100 meter Ben Johnson from Canada. The next day found that he contained drugs. First athletes to pick up with drugs. 1992 Barcelona- 1989 Berlin wall came down. Communists and a war in berlin was built to separate east and west. East germany second Russia dominated the games. More athletes were found to have drugs and steroids. East Germany had some incredible results. South Africa
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