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Unformatted text preview: Personality (continued) 22/10/2009 10:00:00 ← 1. intelligence • concrete intelligence • test intelligence great service to people • professor gardner- multiple intelligence o 7 basic intelligences ← 2. measurement • tested with SAT testing or other knowledgeable tests • 2 main o cartel or palms test o eyesenk- psychologist personality neuroticism ----------------------- emotional stability extraversion------------------------ interversion o POMS- moods o cattell 16PF decrease of 4 second order o interversion- quiet o extraversion- outgoing kind o more intelligence the more abstract o concrete thinking is less intelligence o controlling ← 3. interactional model of assessing performance • physical ability o strength o speed • environment • interaction and that situation • personality ← 4. mental health model • tension depression, anger, vigor, fatigue, contention • extraversion and neuroticism • negative mental ealth model • sate anxiety trait tension depression and anger and high on vigor ow on fatigue low on confusion high on extraversion ← 5. traits of elite athletes • socialbility, outgoing, socially confident in a significant way, warm, goodnature and ready to cooperate, trustful, and adaptable • competivie aggressiveness, toughness, assurness, and need for power, characterized as situations which you are playing desire environment complete mastery over themselves • extraversion- dominance and social ability athletes are out-going compulsive,...
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Personalitycont - Personality(continued 10:00:00 ← 1...

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