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practice make the perfect genius

practice make the perfect genius - determination and...

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Kristin Jung 17 November 2009 T and TH 8am Practice can make the perfect ‘genius’ Practice does in essences make perfect but if one does not have the born ability to exceed to great heights, than in reality the person can never achieve a high level of standards. They can only exceed to their fullest potential rather than the extraordinary heights we honor. To reach our fullest potential we must simply practice and practice but some players and people can not exceed or become the next Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods even if they practice every hour and every day. These great people simply have a God given talent that we envy and admire. Individuals whom achieve greatness are sometimes given unusual skills or born with abnormal organs that give an advantage to individuals. An example is Lance Armstrong who is born with an abnormal large heart. He was also was diagnosed with testicular cancer but for the past thirteen years he continues to race in the Tour de France and other bicycle marathons. With his
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Unformatted text preview: determination and practice he has achieved great rewards and is unwilling to let his illness to restrain him from excelling in racing. Geniuses and great athletes are not necessarily those who achieve and contain the talents that make them the greatest for their position but they have the determination and dedication to achieve those heights. If Michael Jordan did not overcome his obstacles of not making the basketball team in high school and refused to continue in college, he would not be where he is today. When individuals overcome great obstacles they reveal the determination and hard work that makes that specific individual above from the rest. Similar to Thomas Edison’s quote that “A genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine perspiration,” a great person is the composed of hard work and determination but with a little bit of talent and inspiration they will become leaders of our time....
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