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ECE/CS 230 Lab Report Guidelines Name Assignment n Section number Date report is due Intro The intro should at least summarize the assignment and discuss the objective of the lab. Problem Statement The problem statement should discuss, in your own words, the problem(s) the lab poses in more detail. Solution This section should comprise the majority of your writing. The solution section must at least include all items asked for in the lab handout as well as any additional information you think would be useful and/or relevant, such as explanations and thought processes involved in solving the problem(s) for the lab. The key here is that you need to make sure the grader knows you understood what you did in the lab. Problems Encountered
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Unformatted text preview: This section should briefly discuss any problems you encountered when implementing your lab. Also briefly mention how you remedied these problems. Conclusion Tie-up the report with a concise conclusion. Include any remarks you had about the lab itself, suggestions you may have, or particularly interesting things you learned from the lab. Aim for 3-5 pages. Simple labs such as Lab 1 may be shorter while more complicated labs will likely require greater explanation and therefore be longer. The reports should be typed, and any hand-drawn figures (e.g. schematics) must be neat and clearly labeled. For reference, your pre-lab is worth 20% of your total lab grade, the lab itself is worth 50%, and the write-up is worth 30%....
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