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Interactive Arts and Sciences: Introduction to Media Tools IASC1P10 D02 FW 2009 Instructors: Matt Clare, [email protected] This course is a systematic examination of imaging, multimedia authoring and animation software tools and their application to problems in visualization, representation and sequencing of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional images, text, video and audio content. Specific tools and techniques examined will include Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash as well as Google SketchUP and Google Earth. Additional tools will also be explored as students work through their assignments and final project. The goal for this course is for students to develop a working knowledge of how to use ever-evolving tools of digital media that will underpin future studies in Interactive Arts and Sciences. The content and projects in this course are designed to foster an applied understanding of the imaging, multimedia authoring and animation software tools and to ensure students are able to create and innovate with them. Successful students will have created their own artifacts in each of the individual core technologies examined in class and will apply conjunction with each other for the final project. Course Resources: There is no textbook for this course. Resources from the software's own documentation will be made use of as well as online resources. Students are responsible for checking the course's site on Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS, for course information and updates. Brock University provides network storage accessible by students in all computer labs. The storage is limited to about 100Mb total. This may be enough for some students, however it is recommended that students obtain their own form of portable storage. Course Labs and Locations: Course format: 2 Labs, 4 hours per week. Time & Locations: Wednesday 1700-1900 PL310 Thursday 1700-1900 PL310 Course Communications and Office Hours: Mr. Clare is available for office hours every Thursday from noon to 1:00PM at his office in Scotia Bank Hall 315 (SBH315, above the
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IASC1P10_Course_Outline - Interactive Arts and Sciences...

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