Lecture_8 - Lecture 8 Psychoanalytic Approach[Freud Outline...

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Lecture 8: Psychoanalytic Approach [ Freud ] Outline: Biography of Freud (1856-1939) Core of Freud’s Theory Topography model: “Layers” of personality Structural model The Id, Ego, and Superego Psychosexual Stages of Development Oral stage Anal stage Phallic stage Oedipus/Electra complex Latency stage Genital stage Defence Mechanisms Dream Interpretation Is Freud Dead? Conversion hysteria : people of the wealthy class (mostly women) would show up at the doctor’s with a form of paralysis. o Nothing was found wrong with them. o The women were in hysterics (adult temper tantrum/attention seeking behaviour). The hysteria was converted into a neurological problem, causing the paralysis. o Doctors weren’t terribly sensitive to the condition. Freud was sought out as he was sensitive to it. The Interpretation of Dreams (1900): the book wasn’t received well in the medical field. An American was however impressed with the concept. He gets the book translated into English and sold in the USA. It is an instant hit. Freud has started believing that conversion hysteria’s origin is buried in the subject’s unconscious mind. o He tries to devise ways to access the unconscious mind. Cocaine: removed censorship of every day life. This concept was dismissed after his friend became addicted to coke. Hypnosis: spent 1-3 months experimenting with this. The Talking Cure:
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Lecture_8 - Lecture 8 Psychoanalytic Approach[Freud Outline...

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