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Lecture_9 - Lecture 9 Personality Outline Definition o...

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Lecture 9: Personality Outline: Definition o Intro to Shyness Psychodynamic view of personality o Personality as a conflict o Shyness as a symptom Behavioural View of Personality o Personality as Response tendencies o Shyness as faulty learning Socio-cognitive view of personality o Personality as self-efficacy o Shyness as low perceived self-efficacy Humanistic view of personality o Personality as growth o Shyness as social strategy Trait view of personality o Personality as trait hierarchy o Shyness as descriptive Personality ( personality trait ): something that is relatively stable, consistent across time and situations; individual differences are shown (people will differ in the extent to which they possess the trait); o Trait vs. state: example of shyness. State Shyness Trait Shyness “garden” variety “personality” variety 80% of population 25% of population Shy in certain situations only (i.e.: strangers, authority, opposite sex, public appearance). Pervasive shyness: 1. across situations 2. across time Minimal negative consequences and possibly positive consequences (i.e.: may elicit empathic response). Severe consequences: enjoying social events/meeting new people inhibits communication, expression, and assertiveness promotes excessive self consciousness and self preoccupation (i.e.: introversion) prone to low self esteem, stress, loneliness, and depression Psychodynamic viewpoint: o Shyness is a result of an unresolved oedipal conflict
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“His unfulfilled longing for his mother’s affection and oedipal
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