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A+IP_09-07_ALL_IP Checklist - ip CheCklisT Trademarks...

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HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR ACQUIRING, PROTECTING AND ENFORCING YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS. TRADEMARKS A mark is any word, symbol, name, logo or product feature used in commerce to identify the single source of a product or service and to distinguish one provider from another. Trademark and service mark rights can be lost if not enforced, or if assigned improperly. Acquisition Implement a process for identifying all names, marks, logos, slogans and other source identifiers. Implement a process for clearing names and marks, including full and, if applicable, international searches, before adopting and investing in new names and marks. Seek federal registrations for marks; consider state registration if federal registration is not available. Consider recording your registered trademarks with U.S. Customs to protect against importation of products infringing the registered trademarks. Consider seeking appropriate foreign registrations. Use Establish and communicate a policy for appropriate use of all trademarks. Use the ® symbol for all registered marks, but only for those goods and/or services covered by the registration(s). Use the symbol for all unregistered marks. Use trademarks as adjectives (e.g., KLEENEX facial tissue). Maintenance and Enforcement Implement docketing and other systems to ensure timely renewal filings and payments. Police your mark, including using trademark watch services and monitoring competitors’ activities and Web sites. There are third-party services available to assist you, and simple steps, such as signing up for search engine alerts on your key marks, can be useful (e.g., www.google.com/alerts). Implement systems and policies to utilize existing networks (distributors, customers, dealers, etc.) to monitor for possible infringements. Monitor quality control on all licensees, distributors and dealers.
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A+IP_09-07_ALL_IP Checklist - ip CheCklisT Trademarks...

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