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Final Examination Patent Litigation (LAW 875-C) Justin T. Beck, Robert B. Morrill, and Georgia Van Zanten Spring 2006 1. You have two (2) hours to complete this exam. 2. This is an open book exam. 3. This exam consists of three essay questions with point allocation as indicated on the examination. Please allocate your time accordingly. Please write your response in the blue books provided. Please write clearly. Write on every other line and every other page to permit instructor comments. 4. Write your exam number on your exam envelope. Put your correct student exam # at the top of this page, each page of questions and each blue book. Do not use your name, student ID number or Social Security Number on any exam materials. 5. At the conclusion of the exam, return all test materials, including blue books, scratch paper, and this exam packet to the envelope and submit it to the proctor. DO NOT seal the envelope. Students who do not return all exam materials at the end of the exam may not be graded. GOOD LUCK! Facts PoochCo. (P) markets the PoochBed, which is covered by P’s U.S. Patent No. 5,765,502. The 502 patent claims an improved pet bed. The specification of the 502 patent discusses a number of prior art beds, and points out that pets prefer beds with a surrounding wall which gives the pet a sense of security and also provides a place for the pet to rest its head, but that such beds are difficult to clean. The 502 patent is intended to solve those problems with prior art pet beds. As shown in the attached Figs. 1-5, the 502 bed 1 includes an outer covering 2 which covers a removable bottom cushion 4 inside bottom pocket 12 . The outer covering 2 also holds removable bolster 6 in bolster pocket 10. The specification describes the removable bolster 6 as more cylindrical or banana-shaped than flat, and more like a pillow than a wall. As Fig. 4 shows, the bolster is held in place inside the bolster pocket 10 by fasteners
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or straps 8 located in the interior of bolster pocket 10 . As Fig. 5 shows, both the bolster 6 and the bottom cushion 4 can be removed from outer covering
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BeckMorrillVanZanten_PatentLitigation_Sp06 - Final...

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