consolidated_laws(4) - Appendix L Patent Laws United States...

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Unformatted text preview: Appendix L Patent Laws United States Code Title 35 - Patents PART I UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE CHAPTER 1 ESTABLISHMENT, OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES, FUNCTIONS Sec. 1 Establishment. 2 Powers and Duties. 3 Officers and employees. 4 Restrictions on officers and employees as to interest in patents. 5 Patent and Trademark Office Public Advisory Committees. 6 Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. 7 Library. 8 Classification of patents. 9 Certified copies of records. 10 Publications. 11 Exchange of copies of patents and applications with foreign countries. 12 Copies of patents and applications for public libraries. 13 Annual report to Congress. CHAPTER 2 PROCEEDINGS IN THE PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE 21 Filing date and day for taking action. 22 Printing of papers filed. 23 Testimony in Patent and Trademark Office cases. 24 Subpoenas, witnesses. 25 Declaration in lieu of oath. 26 Effect of defective execution. CHAPTER 3 PRACTICE BEFORE PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE 31 [Repealed]. 32 Suspension or exclusion from practice. 33 Unauthorized representation as practitioner. CHAPTER 4 PATENT FEES; FUNDING; SEARCH SYSTEMS 41 Patent fees; patent and trademark search systems. 42 Patent and Trademark Office funding. PART II PATENTABILITY OF INVENTIONS AND GRANT OF PATENTS CHAPTER 10 PATENTABILITY OF INVENTIONS 100 Definitions. 101 Inventions patentable. 102 Conditions for patentability; novelty and loss of right to patent. 103 Conditions for patentability; non-obvious subject matter. 104 Invention made abroad. 105 Inventions in outer space. CHAPTER 11 APPLICATION FOR PATENT 111 Application. 112 Specification. 113 Drawings. 114 Models, specimens. 115 Oath of applicant. 116 Inventors. 117 Death or incapacity of inventor. 118 Filing by other than inventor. 119 Benefit of earlier filing date; right of priority. 120 Benefit of earlier filing date in the United States. 121 Divisional applications. 122 Confidential status of applications; publication of patent applications. CHAPTER 12 EXAMINATION OF APPLICATION 131 Examination of application. 132 Notice of rejection; reexamination. 133 Time for prosecuting application. 134 Appeal to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences. 135 Interferences. CHAPTER 13 REVIEW OF PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE DECISION 141 Appeal to Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. 142 Notice of appeal. 143 Proceedings on appeal. 144 Decision on appeal. 145 Civil action to obtain patent. 146 Civil action in case of interference. L-1 Rev. 1, Feb. 2003 MANUAL OF PATENT EXAMINING PROCEDURE CHAPTER 14 ISSUE OF PATENT 151 Issue of patent. 152 Issue of patent to assignee. 153 How issued. 154 Contents and term of patent; provisional rights....
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consolidated_laws(4) - Appendix L Patent Laws United States...

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