FinalExam(3) - Intellectual Property Professor Grimmelmann...

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Unformatted text preview: Intellectual Property Professor Grimmelmann Final Exam – Spring 2008 May 14, 6:00 PM – Open Book This exam consists of TWO questions. Each question is worth 50 points, for a total of 100 points. You have THREE hours to complete this exam. Please write your answers in the space provided. Each question is followed by EIGHT blank, ruled pages. All answers must be written to ¡t on those pages. Additional bluebooks will not be provided , and the proctors have been instructed not to bring them to the exam. Be sure to put your exam number on each page. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ANYWHERE ON THE EXAM . This is an open-book exam. You may use any written materials that you wish to answer the questions, though you need not consult any sources other than those we used for class. You may not use computers or other electronic devices while taking the exam. You may not discuss this exam or your answers with anyone under any circumstances until after the end of the exam. Your work must be exclusively your own . Please pay attention to the questions being asked and answer them. Support your answer with detailed analysis, reference to speci¡c statutes and cases as appropriate, and an explanation of how you have applied the law to the facts. Keep references as simple as possible; bluebook/ ALWD format is not required. Feel free to shorten your answers by using an outline format and stating your arguments in bullet point format, so long as the substance of your points is clear. If anything about a question is ambiguous, say what you think it means, and answer accordingly. If you need to assume additional facts to answer a question, say what those facts are and how they affected your answer. No reasonable resolution of an ambiguity will be penalized. Professor Grimmelmann will not answer ANY questions pertaining to exam content during the administration of the exam. If there are errors in the exam, it will nonetheless be fairer and less disruptive if all of you have exactly the same experience taking it. This exam has 19 pages total , including this cover sheet and the pages for your answers. GOOD LUCK! 1 (1) Pleistocene Park You are outside counsel to Spielberg Genetics, a biotechnology frm. In 2001, Spielberg’s arch- rival, Crichton Industries, launched an eFFort to clone a wooly mammoth (an elephant-like mammal that became extinct about 3,500 years ago) From scattered preserved DNA Fragments. Crichton made only slow progress at frst; the available mammoth DNA Fragments were too short and too numerous to ft together using standard DNA-matching methods. Then, on April 2, 2004, Crichton’s lead researcher, Laura Attenborough, attended a lecture given by mathematician Rube Goldblum discussing eFfcient ways to arrange books in libraries....
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FinalExam(3) - Intellectual Property Professor Grimmelmann...

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