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VOTING RIGHTS Denial of Right to Vote Unequal Treatment Burden Imposed Unclear dis- parate impact Nature of state's interference with this EP fundamental right * General gov't operations Proprietary functions Kramer Salyer Vote dilution Malappor- tionment Ball Reynolds Poll taxes Access to pol- itical process Harper Racial gerry- mandering Shaw Ballot Access Political Access to Governing Bodies Party Access Dunn Insubstantial Burdens The right to run for office is derivative of the right to vote Ability to obtain beneficial legislation Failure to prevail on a particular issue, or mere repeal of beneficial laws, does not constitute discriminatory access Burdened class must resort to higher level of gov't (e.g., state const'n) for beneficial legislation Quasi/suspect classes Non-suspect classes Reinstatement of laws bene- fiting minorities required that State const'n be amended Neutral restructuring of political process(e.g., bonds must be approved by the voters; other issues need not be) differentiates
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