Quiz for Chapter 11 - Exercise Clause, and in what...

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QUIZ FOR CHAPTER 11 FREEDOM OF RELIGION ( 100 Points Total) This quiz will test your basic knowledge of the material that we studied in Chapter 11. The purpose of this quiz is to help you determine whether or not you understand the basic concepts of Freedom of Religion. Question 1 - (1 point) 1. What provision of the original Constitution protects Freedom of Religion? Question 2 - (4 points apiece, 8 points total) 2. What two provisions of the First Amendment protect Freedom of Religion? a. b. Question 3 - (6 points) 3. What is the “neutrality principle”? Question 4 - (6 points) 4. In your opinion, in light of the trend of recent decisions, what is the likely future of the neutrality principle?
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Question 5 - (6 points apiece, 12 points total) 5. What are the two principal standards that govern the interpretation of the Free
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Unformatted text preview: Exercise Clause, and in what situations does each standard apply? a. b. Question 6 - (6 points apiece, 18 points total) 6. What are the three standards that different justices employ in the interpretation of the Establishment Clause? a. b. c. Question 7 - (3 points apiece, 12 points total) 7. Identify four types of situations where the Establishment Clause has been frequently applied. a. b. c. d. Question 8 - (6 points apiece, 24 points total) 8. How has the Supreme Court ruled in each of the situations listed in Question 7? a. b. c. d. Question 9 - (5 points for general answer and 2 points for each example, 13 points total) 9. Explain why the Free Exercise Clause and the Establishment Clause may sometimes be in tension with each other, giving at least four examples....
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Quiz for Chapter 11 - Exercise Clause, and in what...

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