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I. The Problem of "Dangerous" Speech A. First Amendment; Carolene Products n.4 (handout p. 1) B. Holmes, the "clear and present danger" test, and the marketplace of ideas: Schenck v. United States ; Debs v. United States ; Abrams v. United States ; and Gitlow v. New York (pp. 1049; 1061-78) C. Syndicalist statutes: from Whitney v. California to Brandenburg v. Ohio (pp. 1079-83 (stop at (6)); 1091 (start at “Note”)-1099 (stop at “Note”)) II. Implied First Amendment Rights A. The right not to speak: Wooley v. Maynard ; Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins ; Hurley v. GLIB (pp. 1436 (start at Pruneyard )–1439 (stop at (5)) B. The right not to associate: Roberts v. Jaycees ; Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (pp. 1429-30 (stop at “Note”)); handout 41-51) C. The right not to be punished under vague or overbroad statutes (pp. 1142-51: Gooding v. Wilson ; Broadrick v. Oklahoma ) D. The right to hold public employment and receive other public benefits free of "unconstitutional conditions": Rankin v. McPherson ; Mt. Healthy ; Elrod v. Burns ; Branti v. Finkel ; Abood v. Detroit Bd. of Educ. ; Bd. of Regents v. Southworth (handout 34-38; Supplement pp. 263-64 (2a; Garcetti ) [’07 Supplement: pp. 201-02 (2a)]; pp. 563 (Mt. Healthy
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FundamentalRightToBallLikeAmotherfuckingBateman - I. A. B....

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