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defamationflowchart - Constitutional Law II Fall 2006 Prof...

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DEFAMATION Constitutional Law II Fall, 2006 Prof. Manheim a defendant who publishes to 3d persons "of and concerning" this element of libel is called the "colloquium" Plaintiff public official or figure private figure with actual malice "actual malice" is knowledge that the statement is false or made with reckless disregard of its truth statement of fact although 1st amd libel standards were developed to protect a robust press, they also protect non-media defendants can be held liable without malice may not be held liable without malice can be held liable for actual damages for actual, presumed, actual damages not limited to out-of-pocket loss "limited" public figure treated as private figure if subject matter of libel is outside range public figures: a) voluntarily submit to public scrutiny; and b) have media access for reply these are the elements of the common law tort of defamation on matters of public concern on any matter a false and injurious 1st amd prohibits imposition
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