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ConLawIIsyllabus--fall2009_Stern - 1Office Hours Stern Mon...

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1 Office Hours: Professor Stern Fall 2009 Tues. 4:15-6:15 Thurs. 4:15-6:15 Available at other times if office hours are inconvenient; please arrange with instructor. SYLLABUS FOR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW II References are to Stone, Seidman, Sunstein, Tushnet, and Karlan, Constitutional Law (5 th ed.) and 2008 supplement. I. The Problem of "Dangerous" Speech A. First Amendment; Carolene Products n.4 (handout p. 1) B. Holmes, the "clear and present danger" test, and the marketplace of ideas: Schenck v. United States ; Debs v. United States ; Abrams v. United States ; and Gitlow v. New York (pp. 1049; 1061-78) C. Syndicalist statutes: from Whitney v. California to Brandenburg v. Ohio (pp. 1079-83 (stop at (6)); 1091 (start at “Note”)-1099 (stop at “Note”)) II. Implied First Amendment Rights A. The right not to speak: Wooley v. Maynard ; Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins ; Hurley v. GLIB (pp. 1436 (start at Pruneyard )–1439 (stop at (5)) B. The right not to associate: Roberts v. Jaycees ; Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (pp. 1429-30 (stop at “Note”)); handout 41-51) C. The right not to be punished under vague or overbroad statutes (pp. 1142- 51: Gooding v. Wilson ; Broadrick v. Oklahoma ) D. The right to hold public employment and receive other public benefits free of "unconstitutional conditions": Rankin v. McPherson ; Mt. Healthy ; Elrod v. Burns ; Branti v. Finkel ; Abood v. Detroit Bd. of Educ. ; Bd. of Regents v. Southworth (handout 34-38; Supplement pp. 263-64 (2a; Garcetti ) [’07 Supplement: pp. 201-02 (2a)]; pp. 563 (Mt. Healthy ); handout 52-57; pp. 1439-40) III. Categories of Expression Accorded Lesser Protection 1
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A. Commercial speech: Virginia Board of Pharmacy ; Central Hudson Gas v. Public Service Comm’n
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ConLawIIsyllabus--fall2009_Stern - 1Office Hours Stern Mon...

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