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Constitutional Law, Spring 2006 Professor Jeff Roy Midterm Examination Instructions-please read carefully . 1 . You have one hour and thirty minutes to complete the exam . Please hand in your exam books promptly at the end of that time. 2. The exam consists of one question with two parts . Part I will count for approximately 30% of the grade, and Part 2 for approximately 70% of the grade . Constitutional Law, 15th ed .) and any notes you have prepared for the class . You may not refer to any other materials or use any electronic devices . 4 . Limit your answers to the federal constitutional issues that we have covered so far in the course . Ignore any other issues that might seem present . A question may raise more than one constitutional issue . If it does, you should address all issues presented even if you believe that one of them is dispositive . 5 . The scenario presented in the exam question is fictional . Use only the facts I give you in answering the question . Do not assume any other facts you may know independently . If you think your answer depends on some material fact that is ambiguous or missing, state what it is and why it matters . 6 . Conciseness, clarity, and legibility will be counted in grading . You should think about and organize your answers carefully before you begin writing . You may want to outline the answer on a separate sheet of paper prior to writing your full answer in the blue book .
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ConLaw_SP2006_M - Constitutional Law, Spring 2006 Professor...

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