syllabus contII 09 - Contracts II Professor Curtis...

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Contracts II Professor Curtis Bridgeman Spring 2009 Office: Room 213 Email: [email protected] SYLLABUS AND CLASS INFORMATION This course meets for three credit hours in the fall and two credit hours in the spring. You will earn a grade for each semester. The text for this course is: , Foundation Press, 9 th ed. There is a required supplement, an appendix to the above textbook containing selections from the Uniform Commercial Code Article 2. You should bring both of these books to class with you each day. I also recommend Robert A. Hillman’s Principles of Contract Law , Thomson West, or M. Chirelstein's Concepts and Case Analysis in the Law of Contracts , Foundation Press. I did not have the bookstore order them, but they should be readily available at your favorite on-line bookstore. The following treatises on Contracts are on reserve in the library for your reference: Corbin on Contracts Farnsworth on Contracts White and Summers on the Uniform Commercial Code CLASS ATTENDANCE Class attendance is required for this course. I will be taking attendance according to an attendance sheet that will be circulated during class. In accordance with the Law School's accreditation requirements, if you miss more than 20% of the scheduled class meetings (6 classes for the fall semester), you will not receive credit for the course. Be in class on time. It is disruptive for students to walk in late, and in any event you are entering a profession where
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syllabus contII 09 - Contracts II Professor Curtis...

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