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PHI 342 Dr Takei April 21, 2009 Chapter 8: Question 3: Do you think that American values have shifted as indicated in Table 8-1? Absolutely. You can see how one’s work ethic went from enjoying to totally self-fulfillment. How does this affect the values of managers? Let us consider different types of managers and management styles. We present good and effective behavior that can be imitated, and in effective management styles that can be avoided. The Protestant ethic (Figure 4-1) urges hard work, self-control, self-reliance, perseverance, saving and planning ahead, honesty, and observing the “rules of the game.” These same values also characterize the entrepreneurial middle class in developing countries. The market system encourages and rewards these values. However, for some, these values may have shifted toward short-term goals, such as a high salary, high status, self-fulfillment, entitlement, and immediate satisfaction (see Table 8-1). Are the traditional values still predominant, or have a new set of fulfillment values been embraced by Americans? We will raise this question later in this chapter and again chapter 10. Chapter 8: Question 8: How would you characterize the values, ethics, and management style of Bill Ford and Ray Anderson (Interface Carpet)? William Clay Ford, Jr. is chairman and CEO of Ford Motor Company. Bill Ford, 43 years old when elected CEO, is the grandson of Henry Ford. He took the job when Ford was losing billions of dollars
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and being sued by thousands of SUV drivers for Firestone tire blowouts. Bill Ford was able to assemble a superb management team encourage new auto design, and return Ford
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Bus 342 - P HI 342 Dr Takei April 21, 2009 Chapter 8:...

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