2nd paper for Phi 342

2nd paper for Phi 342 - Philosophy 342 March 24, 2009...

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Philosophy 342 March 24, 2009 Chapter 3 Questions and Answers 1. What is the principle difference between rights and duties and utilitarian norms? Rights- are a moral of an important, normative, justifiable claim or entitlement to something. Duties-Individuals freedom is not to be violated Utilitarian-The greatest good for the greatest number A person’s rights is free will and speech, duties are an individuals responsibilities in their life, and Utilitarian is the greatest good that an individual can do for their community and country. (Such as the soldiers that are fighting to protect our Country). 2. Upon what is the norm of caring built? Caring is the responsibility for caring for another human being, (such as a child, husband, wife or parent or even an animal). Rights, Duties, Justice and Utilitarianism have a common interest. All four are about our country and caring and the freedom of speech for each individual. I would say that rights and caring would be very important to many individuals in this country. Everyone should have their own free will to speak and care for whom ever they choose to. 3. Indicate the strengths and weaknesses of using the norm of a-utility b-justice c- rights d-caring.
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The strengths of a utility is the concepts, terminology, methods are easiest for business for people to use. It also promotes view of the entire system of exchange beyond “this firm” and also encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and productivity. The weaknesses of utility are
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2nd paper for Phi 342 - Philosophy 342 March 24, 2009...

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