ar #1 - Memorandum To: Professor Mason From: Stephen...

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Memorandum To: Professor Mason From: Stephen Fellouris, WTSN 104, Section 54 Date: March 4, 2008 Re: Article Review #1 Purpose: The main purpose behind this article is to discuss and bring attention to the lowering percentage of irrigation systems in India and around the world. The author, Himanshu Thakkar is trying to bring to the attention of the readers a sense of how there was an irrigation boom and now it has halted. What we can get from this is that the irrigation systems are long since outdated and are in desperate need of remodeling and modernization. The article talks about how India has the most irrigation systems but are not new and need to be redone to keep up with times. Question Being Addressed: The key question the author is addressing is the assessment of the irrigation systems in India. The writer really focuses on the possible options for the irrigation systems and the future of the irrigation systems. The author seems to always come back to the point of the options for the systems in the future. This article really relates to the purpose of my group because we are trying to figure out how to modernize and make the irrigation systems more efficient. The author also keeps referring to the use of dams as the solution to the problem. Important Information: The author uses numerous amounts of facts. Most of these facts are all scientific numbers. The scientific numbers represent the land covered, the amount of water, the percentage of irrigation systems, and numbers dating back to many years ago. I feel the use of so many numbers instead of describing the situation is better for the
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ar #1 - Memorandum To: Professor Mason From: Stephen...

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