AR#2 - Memorandum To Professor Mason From Stephen Fellouris...

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Memorandum To: Professor Mason From: Stephen Fellouris, WTSN 104, Section 54 Date: April 7, 2008 Re: Article Review #2 Purpose: The main point of the article is to inform the reader how the growing sediment problem in the world is getting worse. Sediment is harmful to the plants and the water because of the negative effect it has on the soil. The sediment is leaking from the ground to the water as well as field sediments that find their way to the water differently. The article also states that when doing a test there were 488 sediments found to be toxic. A total of 2475 sediments were found in an experiment to find the concentration of the toxic sediments and the non effective sediments and out of them 488 proved to be toxic. Although the majority of the sediments were proved to not be toxic, they are still a key variable in the growing pollution. Question Being Addressed: The question being constantly brought up throughout the article is how to monitor the sediments that are going into the water. This question is somewhat simple because the answer is, put a sensor in the ground. However, how simple that answer may sound you need to take into consideration the placement of the sensor, which sensor to use, can some sediments be detected, and overall; how do you stop them from reaching the water? It is tough to monitor a certain aspect of agriculture and just only monitor them; you need to find the solution as well. Part of the question
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AR#2 - Memorandum To Professor Mason From Stephen Fellouris...

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